About Commerce Notebook

Brian Krogsgard

Commerce Notebook is dedicated to informing eCommerce professionals and enthusiasts about the industry, as well as provide resources and insights to help readers improve in the craft of selling online.

My goal is to cater to people that know and love eCommerce, so they can do what they do better and more informed.

Site history

Commerce Notebook launched on January 21st, 2017.

Commerce Notebook is brought to you by the same team that’s behind Post Status — a preeminent website geared specifically for WordPress professionals. Post Status launched January 21st, 2013 — four years to the day prior to Commerce Notebook.

Post Status is a six-figure revenue generating membership eCommerce website with around 1,000 paying members. The Post Status Club has become the go-to place for community, resources, and insights for WordPress professionals.

The goal for Commerce Notebook is to follow a model we know and love from the WordPress space, but geared specifically to eCommerce. Commerce Notebook will be free for a period of months while we get our feet set and better get to know the broader eCommerce community.

There may be a time in the future where Commerce Notebook has content that requires additional payment, but we’ll start slow, and by just providing excellent free information, just like we did for Post Status in the beginning.

We aim to earn your trust as readers and friends in the eCommerce community.

Commerce Notebook Team

Commerce Notebook is brought to you by a great team.

My name is Brian Krogsgard. I’m the creator and editor of Commerce Notebook. I’ve been a web developer since 2008, build, run, and write about eCommerce systems, and love thinking about online commerce.

Katie Richards is an Editorial Assistant for Commerce Notebook. She helps keep a tight ship, by performing a wide variety of administrative and editorial duties.

Together, we put out great content for eCommerce enthusiasts and professionals.

Commerce Notebook periodically has guest posts and user submitted stories. If you would like write for Commerce Notebook or submit a story you think we should cover, please get in touch.

You can also find @CommerceNerd on Twitter. Yeah, Twitter limits username length, so we could only get @CommerceNoteboo (no “k”!) and that’s not cool. It bothers us too, and we embrace our nerdiness.