Welcome to Commerce Notebook

Commerce Notebook is a new site aimed to inform, educate, and provide resources for eCommerce professionals, store owners, and enthusiasts.

Welcome to Commerce Notebook!

The goal for this project is to cater to people that know and love eCommerce, so they can do what they do better and more informed.

Who’s behind Commerce Notebook?

Commerce Notebook is brought to you by the same team that’s behind Post Status — a preeminent website geared specifically for WordPress professionals.

Brian Krogsgard

My name is Brian Krogsgard (here’s my personal website and Twitter, where I share most stuff). I’m a writer, developer, eCommerce store owner, and entrepreneur. With this site, I’ll share the stories of others in the trenches of eCommerce, as well as my own journeys.

Prior to running my own content-centric business, I was a developer and web consultant. My first eCommerce website build was in 2011. I have worked on — in some capacity or another — a few dozen eCommerce stores since.

Post Status launched on January 21st, 2013 — four years to the day prior to Commerce Notebook. I cover eCommerce within the WordPress landscape on Post Status, and will continue to do so. But the eCommerce world is bigger than eCommerce with WordPress (though it’s now a pretty big player!), and it’s bigger than just platforms themselves. It’s a whole world of platforms, marketing, strategy, operations, and more.

Post Status is a six-figure revenue generating membership eCommerce website with (inching towards) 1,000 paying members. The Post Status Club has become a go-to place for community, resources, and insights for WordPress professionals.

The goal for Commerce Notebook is to follow a similiar-ish model I now know and love from the WordPress space, but geared specifically to eCommerce. Commerce Notebook will be completely free while we get our feet set and better get to know the broader eCommerce community.

There may be a time in the future where Commerce Notebook has some content that requires additional payment, but we’ll start slow, and by providing excellent free information, just like we did for Post Status in the beginning.

I aim to earn your trust as readers and friends in the eCommerce community.

How we’ll write

The aim for this website is to stand out with relevant, practical information that covers the entire eCommerce landscape.

A friend of mine gave me what I think is some really quality advice: “You need to be like Switzerland.”

In other words, he was commenting on the tendency in the eCommerce space for writers to strongly advocate for a particular platform, or type of selling, or tool, or whatever. And his advice was that I stay away from such dogmatism. And I agree.

While I will undoubtedly use plenty of my own opinion, based on my own experiences and conversations with others — like I always do in my writing — I will be sharing about eCommerce broadly, and will not be zealous about a singular platform or ideology. There are many ways to sell, and each has pros and cons. For different store owners in different situations, there will naturally be different best practices.

What to look out for

This site is a new endeavor, and will surely evolve over time. To start, I’ll be posting both short form and and long form free articles. Additionally, there will be a podcast — of course!

The best thing to do right now is to subscribe to the newsletter, follow the site’s Twitter account, and like the Facebook page. I’ll be pushing new content to each location, as it’s put out.

Sidenote about the Twitter account: The site is actually @CommerceNerd on Twitter. Yeah, I know, it’s pretty confusing. Twitter limits username length, so we could only get @CommerceNoteboo (no “k”!) and that was deeply frustrating in a very-first-world-problem kind of way. I embrace the nerdiness of a site like this, so went with @CommerceNerd.

I am extremely excited to launch this endeavor and to get started with dedicated coverage and stories about the growing eCommerce landscape. I hope you’ll follow along with me.